Guide to Portugal

So why go to Portugal? The answer is simple: in Portugal has everything, including beautiful beaches, which can be illuminated, golf championships, history and culture, amazing inter & # 39; er for the study, an array of land and water activities, and a great club scene. The Portuguese have deep respect for their heritage and traditions, hence the many festivals that take place across the country throughout the year. These festivals and festivals – this is a great way for you to experience the local culture, traditions and cuisine.

Portugal is well known for its large selection of play areas for golf. A number of courses are designed three-time British Open champion team Sir Henry Cotton, who lived in the Algarve. Most courses meet in the Algarve, but there are good golf courses all over Portugal, including in the Lisbon area.

Mainland Portugal and its islands offer more than 500 miles of coastline, making it a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts. Windsurfing, surfing and sailing are extremely popular among more experienced surfing, which are sent to the coast of Lisbon. Portugal river from the sea are becoming increasingly popular among kayak and kanoeistav.

Portugal offers all kinds of resorts that you could wish for, from the non-permanent fishing villages to the purpose-built resorts such as Vilamoura, there is something to please everyone and suitable for all budgets.

Algarve is located in the south of Portugal and with the & # 39 is the tourist zone of the country. Here, in the Algarve, you will find over 100 miles of beaches that Var & # 39; iruyutstsa by long sections of open sand to small secluded coves. Eastern Mediterranean Sea east to the & # 39 is a more popular party since he was a little warmer than the western coastline. Resorts to the north of the Algarve are ideal for beach holidays and water sports at any time of the year.

Lisbon Coast and the Costa Verde in the north have a unique charm. These areas are more popular among the visitors who are looking for culture and intelligence. History plays a big role in these areas: the historic city of Lisbon on the coast of Lisbon and Oporto on the Costa Verde. However, they still offer beautiful beaches, lots of countryside to explore, lots of sports and vibrant nightlife. For those people who want the best of both worlds, this is the place to visit.

Inter & # 39; er Portugal only waiting for his study. National Park Peneda-Gear – the only Portuguese National Park, along with Natural de Mantezino offers amazing landscapes, villages that seem to stand in time and protect species such as the royal eagle and the wolf.

Horse lovers will not be disappointed when visiting Portugal. With a long tradition of horse and famous horses Lusitana, the country offers a wide range of equestrian facilities, including the famous riding school, where you can improve your skills to the dressage stables, where you can take a horse and discover the beauty of the surroundings.

The Portuguese eat 10 times more fish than meat, so fishing for them is very important. In its restaurants restaurants offer delicious fresh fish, perfect for an evening meal accompanied by a glass or two of wine, looking at the white sandy beach. Along the Algarve and west coast visitors will find charter boats and guides to help you try your hand at fishing for mackerel, marlin, tuna, ray, salmon and swordfish. Lakes and rivers also offer the Portuguese peaceful fishing opportunities.

Weather & # 39; e in Portugal strongly Var & # 39; iruetstsa depending on the area. Summer temperatures in the Algarve reach the low 30s with clouds and blue sky and around 12 hours of sun a day. The further north, if you will be traveling, the air temperature drops to the level of 25 degrees Celsius, especially from December to March. You will also notice a significant decrease in temperature of the sea, when you move on to the north.

Here are some useful information:

– Portugal and the United Kingdom are in the same time zone.
– Currency – is the euro.
– The flight time from the UK is approximately 2-3 hours, depending on where you fly and where.
– Useful phrases with & # 39 are either agradar favor (please) and abrygada (thank you).

Travel Destinations Bhutan and tourist guide

Locally known as the Seal Iulia Lyashkevich Tsendhen or print, that is, the land of dragons Gromov, Bhutan – a storehouse of Buddhist art and the last Himalayan kingdom, which is still shrouded in Buddhism, magic and mystery.

It shares borders with India and China to the south and north respectively, Bhutan – the coming out of the sea and very small kingdom, which is fully enshrined in the Himalayas.

It is interesting that Bhutan for centuries successfully endured independence and a & # 39 is one of the few countries that has not been colonized in its history.

Apart from its magnificent natural beauty, Bhutan also has a strong sense of culture, which connects the country with the & # 39 is the main factor that sets it apart from its neighbors.

Requirements for travel

1. Visa: with the exception of citizens of India, Bangladesh and the Maldives, each person entering the country must obtain a visa prior to arrival, which is processed through the online system licensed Bhutanese tour operators (local and international partners). There's no need to visit the embassy in your country of Bhutan.

2. The advance payment: the trip to Bhutan require payment in full trip & # 39; volume and held in the Council of Tourism of Bhutan. It was only after the payment, which is issued / issued Visa.

3. Hiking to the high cost with little impact: for tourists, a minimum daily package in accordance with the policy developed by the Council of Tourism of Bhutan. It includes the following services:

  • 3-star accommodation
  • 3 meals
  • licensed tour guide
  • Camping equipment
  • inland transport

For travelers entering the country by a group of 3 or more, the following rates apply:

  • 200 USD / person / night in January, February, June, July, August and December
  • 250 USD / person / night for the rest of the year

Perched on the Himalayas, Bhutan may be geographically divided into three regions, namely Western Bhutan, Bhutan and East Central Bhutan.

western Bhutan

Western Bhutan chain, which consists of 6 areas, allowing Hao attend the Summer Festival and plunge into the depths of the ancient culture of the people Hao, as well as visit numerous churches, museums and Dzong in Tymppu, as well as the recently introduced Tacchini Festival.

Places to visit

  • vapor
  • Thimpfu
  • haa
  • Punahou
  • village barking

eastern Bhutan

Easily one of the least understood parts of the Kingdom of Bhutan; it is an ideal space for adventurous and washed by the untouched beauty consisting of high peaks and green forest trails.

Places to visit

  • Mangara
  • Luntz
  • Trasiyangtse
  • Trashygang

Central Bhutan

Giving the imagination of the political history of the country, this place is especially known among history buffs for its famous religious and historical sites, as well as monasteries and temples. Moreover, thanks to the wide alpine and subtropical zone, the region is blessed unspoiled beauty.

Places to visit

  • Jakarta
  • Bumthang
  • Gelefu
  • Trongsa
  • scorching lake