Historic sights of the city of Lucknow

A trip to Lucknow ensures a lot of fun. City – a great bar serving a variety of delicious cuisines and a variety of rich excursions. While Tunday kebab has become something of an institution such monuments as "Imambara" and "Residence", destroyed the representation of directors and well-known novelists. This former city Navabav also inherited the legendary historical heritage. Visiting Lucknow, you can conveniently meet with neighboring Sitapur and Kanpur points. See details some of the most popular attractions in Lucknow and Sitapur and Kanpur direction by reading this guide to Lucknow.

Excursion in Bari Imbabary

Bara Imambara, probably the biggest highlight of a trip to Lucknow. This humane structure is particularly known for the central hall, which is said to be the world's largest arched hall. It is interesting that in the audience there is no column for support. It even earned the epithet "the Palace of gravity, which protects".

Famous Bhool Bhulaiya from Lucknow as a & # 39 is part of the Bara Imambara and is located on the top floor of this grand structure. For those who do not know about Bhool Bhulaiya. This is a very tangled maze, and you can hardly find our way without him. In general, the Bara Imambara is so famous that has become one of the pillars of the tourism industry develops Lukna.

Travel to Sikandar Bagh

Starving a natural beauty while traveling to Lucknow? Well, go to Sikandarskaga Baga. The beauty of this tranquil garden due to the fact that he had witnessed violent uprising in 1857. Built during the reign of Nawab Saadat Ali Khan in 1800 AD, Sikandar Bagh was named after the beautiful wife Vazhyda Ali Shah, the last monarch of Oudh. Huge manicured lawns here are like a relaxing haven. Pavilion in the center of the garden passes with amazing performances of classical and folk artists. Seen Sikandarskaga Baga certainly deserves to be included in your plan trips to Lucknow.

Seen Kayzerbaha Palace

Another great historic landmark for your tour of Lucknow. This magnificent palace was built on the orders of Vazhyda Ali Shah, who is known more for its artistic talent, such as poetry and song, and not a matter of the state. So, this structure – the result of the attempts to construct human couples aspiration structure make it 8th miracle light. Naturally, Kayzerbaha palace should become a huge architectural achievement. While Muggles styles used in the construction of pavilions, miniature statues here are of European style. Definitely plan a trip here if you visit Lucknow.

Visiting Lucknow by air

Do you have a great chance of poor-quality flights to Lucknow, since Chaddhary stoves Singh Airport here – one of the busiest airports in North India. Naturally, it serves many airlines and travelers can choose the best of the lot. Some of the airlines that use the airport, – Air India, IndiGo, Jet Airways and GoAir. Before you plan your tour, please read the lowest available fares.

Tourist places near Lucknow

Several well-popular tourist destinations near Lucknow – Sitapur and Kanpur. If you plan to visit these areas, check out this travel planner in Kanpur and Sitapur from Lucknow.

A trip to Kanpur

Distance from Lucknow to Kanpur is approximately 80 km. There are several options for traveling from Lucknow to Kanpur. You can drive to Lucknow to Kanpur by car in about half an hour. Many travelers also traveling from Lucknow to Kanpur on the bus. Those interested in rail, they will know that the tariffs for the train to Lucknow to Kanpur start around 50 rubles.

Trip to Sitapur

Distance from Lucknow to Sitapur is about 240 km. By car it takes around four hours.

How to meet girls Madrid

Madrid – a great place to meet friends and lovers. The locals are friendly and hospitable. In the city a lot of things to do, excellent climate, many attractions and excellent food. But if all you really want is to have fun with the opposite sex. There are also many opportunities.

If you really want to go to the chase, there are several places / areas where you are guaranteed to connect with someone. Below I've listed three good places to connect in Madrid.

Kapital – This is a really fun macro-disco: seven floors with music ranging from Spanish pop to house and techno to R & B, karaoke, theater, and that whatever it was. Clientele – an interesting mix of students and for foreigners. Quite chic and expensive place, but girls with cleavage usually get drinks for free .. Nearest metro: Metro Atocha (L1).

Bars in Huertas – Take Calle Principe to Calle Huertas, both literally sequence bar by bar. Most of them will not be charged, so go and have a drink with someone. Metro Sevilla (L2)

Palacio Gaviria – Parties in the palace and diploma disco just legendary. People here are so horny, that dealt with the plants. Take the choice of three rooms: Latin, techno and pop, and get ready to dance face. Nearest metro: Metro Sol (L1, L2 L3) or Metro Opera (L2).

Enjoy exceptional species of Dubai with Burj Khalifa observation deck

The construction boom in Dubai has never ceased to exist. Architects and builders first used every piece of land to build shelters and magnificent entertainment when they were left without land; Ocean has been captured. Dubai delight to think outside the box exceeded all bounds when he built the Burj Khalifa – the highest skyscraper in the world. Panoramic view of vzvyshayuchuyu structure can excite, but the view from the observation platform – is an unforgettable memory, which can last for centuries. It is an overwhelming feeling to know that human creativity exceeded all levels of imagination.

Discover fascinating facts, when you unravel the various high points of the Burj Khalifa. Gorgeous man-made structure really appreciate only if you have seen the eyes of Dubai's Burj Khalifa. "Top" refers to the tourists bring to the level of 124, where they feel Dubai in its present spirit. You will learn how the world looks when seen from a hundred floors above. This produces a state of weightlessness and recognition & # 39; One & # 39 ;. Magically, with all that land it seemed so humane, turns into a miniature version, beautifully set out on the desert floor.

Since then, as you leave the Dubai mall to begin their journey to the observation platform, every moment to acquaint you with the new new technologies. Bruyavyya speed elevators glass walls ceiling height, which affects the deep respect and total wealth are superior to the virtual sensation of a foreign colony, but man-made. Star Trek was just a movie, but if there is anything that can come close to reality, it should be the Burj Khalifa.

on the observation deck tour lasts one hour, during which tourists can review Dubai through special telescopes with a close-up in real time. They could also buy a souvenir or two, before descending back.

Burj Khalifa – the perfect place in the heart of Dubai, the residence and office premises which are only a few elite. Currently, the hotel "Armani" is in it, the world's first hotel designed and developed by Giorgio Armani. While the observation deck experience may leave you overwhelmed, do not miss the stunning performances of the park Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountain.

Data say that China has built the tower higher than the Burj Khalifa in just 90 days. Maybe it will be higher, but whether it will be comparable to the Burj Khalifa in design, architecture and pop? Only time will tell.

Istanbul tourist guide

There is no other city in the world which have been so varied and was clearly as Istanbul. Located on both sides of the strait between the Black and Marmara Sea, its an interesting place made Istanbul a desirable place for tourists from all over the world.

Old survive light reeds Istanbul

With its diverse cultural influences, Istanbul's architecture and history should be studied carefully. Sultanahmet – a place where you can learn about the tourists who want to explore the ancient charm of Istanbul. While the remnants of the old world can be found throughout the city, Sultanahmet is particularly noteworthy because it live Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace – all great attractions.

What to do in Istanbul

No visit to Istanbul is complete without the experience of taking a traditional bath in the & # 39; Hamam & # 39 ;. A & # 39; Hamam & # 39; It is an ancient Turkish bath built in the early 16th century. The vast majority of them – gay place, but tourists, hiking in mixed groups can still visit the famous bath Suleman that with & # 39; is the only unisex Turkish bath in the country.

While in Istanbul, you will definitely not miss the famous water pipe or hookah. Hookah is available in a wide range of flavors and travelers usually make a point to remove the quiet war. Fodder tourists should also visit the famous Grand Bazaar, which may have a & # 39 is the oldest shopping center in the world. This shopper's paradise is filled with a variety of things that will please everyone. From exquisite jewelry to clothes to street food – you name it, it can be found in the Grand Bazaar.

What is in Istanbul

Excursion in backpacks is often very pleasant, but troubled. To rejuvenate the battery, the Turkish national drink – tea – is sent into the sky. As for the judges, and for the first timers, flavored tea, dedicated to Istanbul promises to delight, and his love and flavor instantly relaxing effect.

It is clear that the backpacks are usually supported by a diet of kebabs Doner, located in Istanbul, especially if the neighborhood of Besiktas worth a visit, looking for a meat sandwich. Another delicacy that should be enjoyed in Istanbul gourmets – it Balik Ekmek, a variety of fish sandwich served on boats floating along the coast of the Adam's apple.

Staying in Istanbul

For tourists who are looking for a good boarding Istanbul to stay in, Metropolis Hostel in Sultanahmet – a great option. The best thing about this hostel – the location. From here you can get to most of the city's attractions, from mosques to Turkish baths and the market.

In Istanbul, there are many other hostels, including hostel "Old Town", which also offers excellent accommodation for backpackers and budget travelers. However, be sure to book the advance, as they can be very reserved.

Night life in Istanbul

Istanbul boasts an incredibly inflated nightlife scene. Beyoglu districts and Naisantasi – the most popular hangouts for tourists who want to try a fun night out, and you'll find bars and clubs, social bowlers here in which people from many countries, cultures are mixed.

Israeli food culture – A Short Guide to Food in Israel

Israeli food – is that it is difficult to determine because of the great cultures mix included in this small country. As a user, you may be surprised assortment of different kinds of food that offer in Israeli restaurants. On the other hand, the fact that the Israelis go in their homes, usually dictated by the origin of their family & # 39; and any religious beliefs. The theme of the infinite, so for the sake of brevity, this article discusses what you should not miss a trip to Israel, if you want to "taste" food culture.

Starting with the most important meal of the day, what the Israeli breakfast? Israelis love to eat, and because of the warm and dry climate most of the year the place for it is on the outside – in most restaurants and cafes have tables on the street, and on Friday morning (when most businesses are closed) cafe sidewalks are crowded with friends, Seven & # 39; families and couples who get breakfast. Typical menu – it's eggs cooked in any way, but as a rule, scrambled eggs with various toppings, a variety of cheeses and spreads, fresh bread or rolls and vegetable salad. It squeezed fruit juice – often freshly squeezed orange juice, but on a hot day, a lemon and mint is very refreshing – and tea or coffee finish.

In hotels and boarding houses to eat breakfast "buffet", including all of the above and more – on the border of the sky! In addition, you will find cereals, granola, yogurt, fruit and a selection of sweet and savory vypechak in accordance with the creative imagination of the chef. Usually there are pancakes, cheese cakes or other cakes, croissants and Danish pastries.

If after all this you still want to grab a quick lunch, you have to & # 39; have at least once on vacation in one of the many falafel stands that you find in every city, town or village in Israel. Of course, as in all other countries, there is also a McDonald's, but the falafel with a & # 39 is a traditional Israeli fast food from McDonald days before. This basically balls of minced chick peas, flavored with spices, especially cumin and fried. Today, you can buy them in supermarkets in many parts of Europe, but the way to & # 39; have them in Israel – fresh out of the fryer and filled into Pitt. You can usually choose what to add in, a series of chopped vegetables, humus, tehina (with sesame positions) and chips. Equipment exposed to dig, so it is advisable to eat at one of the tables or standing, leaning forward so as not to run off the shirt!

Thus, what's the matter with Israeli restaurants? Globalization has had an impact on the dinner in the big cities and towns, and you can find many excellent gourmet restaurants that offer international cuisine. Japanese and Asian food is very popular. The sushi restaurants and noodle master very much. But if you are looking for something a little more authentic and not too expensive, try one of the restaurants of the Israeli Middle East, which serves grilled meat and / or fish. You start with a small selection of salads (elsewhere known as metse) and plates with humus tehinay and drinking hot bread. For the main course you can choose a steak cooked on the grill, lamb and a variety of skewers with chunks of meat or purse, called "shyshlik". Here kebabs – skewers with chopped meat acute. Typically, a whole grilled fish (head), so be ready for it, or ask her to remove, if your squealing. Usually there is a small dessert menu, or you can finish a meal of Turkish coffee or mint tea and baklava, which is a small pastries, usually tucked pistachio nuts and soaked in sweet syrup.

Enjoy! Or as they say in Israel: "B & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; Avon!"

Taste fine top Derbishyrskaga area: Quick Guide

If you are looking for an ideal holiday destination in the country well-deserved rest, as well as you would like to be surrounded by a beautiful panoramic landscape and have a lot of opportunities for rural entertainment, the Peak District of Derbyshire – it's just a place.

Derbyshire Peak District is known for the first national park in the British Isles, it is easy to understand if you arrived at this fantastic part of England. You will find yourself in one of the most beautiful areas of the countryside of Great Britain, which is intact, protected from development and offers some of the best places to enjoy nature, local wildlife and visit the many historic sites and famous buildings in the region.

Many people who visit this region of England, want to experience and enjoy active outdoor activities within a diverse agricultural landscape. There is a wide range of activities dedicated to visitors; they can choose a wide variety of entertainment that can offer in this beautiful part of the country. Some of the most popular activities: walking, hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, golf, fishing, sailing, rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing and paragliding, to name but a few.

Small towns with markets Buxton and Bakewell offer a typical experience of rural towns that have their roots in local agriculture. Historical industrial revolution also began in the countryside of Derbyshire and are usually focused around such towns and villages in the 1700s and 1800s. Today, you can see evidence of these times that many of the old textile mills have been converted into museums or attractions holiday style, as well as cafes and restaurants. So that even in modern times you can feel and experience the taste of what it was like to live and work in this area 300 years ago.

Despite the fact that time is a busy industrial age long passed, a new branch – is tourism. Peak District of Derbyshire to see more visitors than any other national park in the UK, it is easy to understand when you are visiting the area.

On rainy days, a lot of things to see and do: you can go to one of the many active activity centers or visit one of the famous and well-preserved historical buildings in the area, as they offer the opportunity to learn more about the people who lived here, and explore different parts of the rich cultural heritage of the county Derbishyrski peak. Plus you can even recognize some of them, as many are involved both on television and on the big screen in Hollywood.

Guide to Westminster Abbey and other top London attractions

Westminster Abbey is probably one of the most famous abbeys in the world, the well-known fact that for many years held the famous royal wedding. Originally called kalegiyatskay abbey church of St. Peter in Westminster and is a spectacular Gothic abbey and the most notable religious building in Britain.

You may be wondering what makes this church so attractive and why so almost everyone in the world, or was there anyone know about it? Abbey was considered the cathedral between 1540 and 1556 years, and since 1560 -. The church.

The current church was built by Henry III in 1245. Since 1100 she spent the royal wedding, including the famous Prince Charles and Diana Spencer and recently Prince William with Kate Middleton.

Westminster Abbey – this is an architectural gem, and every inch of the abbey offers something to see – from the spectacular Gothic architecture from the outside to the thread, and more inside. The organ is also impressive, and it is impossible to miss.

The Abbey also houses a museum, which gives an opportunity to move into the history and delve into the history and culture, which can invite this religious building. Definitely worth a visit Westminster Abbey, to take advantage of a guided tour. Guides knowledgeable and can give you valuable insight into the structure, history and much more, it assures you that you do not miss if you moved, surprised and enjoy the experience. .

Another of the main attractions, if you visited Westminster Abbey, consider decorating the crown of stones in the Tower of London. London tower also dates back centuries, more precisely in 1066. It is located in the center of London in an open space called the Tower Hill.

London tower was created by William the Conqueror in 1078 in charge of the construction of the White Tower, which not only gave its name to the palace, but today proudly stands that you can verify this by absorbing the exquisite craftsmanship of those many years ago .

The London Tower sitting in the two rings, each ring consists of many buildings. He was a major tourist attraction since the days of Elizabeth, and in the past few years, he met millions of visitors through the door.

If you stay in high London hotel, which has expertise in this area, they are likely to recommend the purchase London Pass. London transition gives you access to all of the most popular attractions, including Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, London Bridge and many more. With the London Pass you pay a set rate for access to more than sixty major attractions of London, which you can use during your stay. You choose how long you'll be and how much time you want to pass was present.

Pass not only provides discounted rates at the entrance to the main attractions, but also fast track you into the queue. If you think that in London every year visited by thirty million people, you will not be surprised to find that most attractions will all objectionable. Take a pass, go to the front and get instant access, it is easy and convenient.

Americans & # 39; Guide to Tenerife

For many Americans, Tenerife – it's just a name. Where is it? What is it? Well, it's a small island, part of the Canary Islands, in turn, part of Spain, which is located near the west coast of Africa.

I know that many Americans tend to cross the Atlantic and visit these great capitals of Europe such as Paris, London or Rome, but if you are going to make a long journey by plane across the ocean, you can do worse, to relax than in Tenerife.

To see things in perspective, this Spanish island, thanks to its location, enjoys a mild climate all year round, the Spanish style.

The reason that I, as a Briton, writing this article is to dispel rumors that Tenerife & # 39 is home to the rest of young Britons, who just want to drink and party all night. I know that some young people in the United States love to do like this (I've heard about "spring break"), but for older holiday makers in the US, Tenerife offers a lot more. I must say that this phenomenon is usually dedicated to the tourist town of the southern coast.

So my advice would be to avoid such cities as Las America and Los Kryshtsiyanos. Much more suitable option is to Puerto de la Cruz in the north of the country. It is less focused in the UK city and is visited by people from mainland Spain and Scandinavia, more than the British.

In addition, in the north of the island you will be so close to all the cultural side of Tenerife, not to mention the spectacular scenery that the island has to offer.

Near Puerto is the capital of Tenerife and, indeed, the seven Canary Islands, Santa Cruz. This is a complex and cosmopolitan city with excellent shopping and nightlife.

No less close it is the cultural city of La Laguna, which has not only own a prestigious university, but also a number of important museums.

This area is also the historic town of La Oratava, the center of the wine region, with plenty of old buildings and ancient culture.

My main message to you, the Americans, who actually have heard of Tenerife and probably thought it was a shelter for young Brits to give up a large number of drinking and partying, think again. As long as you avoid the two main resorts in South America, Las America and, to a lesser extent, Los Kryshtsiyanasa, you can enjoy a wonderful holiday on this beautiful island.

Unusual places to visit in London: fun guide

This may be the first time you've been in London or you have a lot of time, but would prefer to check for unusual places to visit London. In London, there are many things that can be made, and with the & # 39; to go to London, but nothing wrong with searching the unpopular people there, especially if it has already passed the normal direction.

The most popular tourist destinations considered to be so for all the right reasons, and they can be fun to visit. Nevertheless, it's exciting for the avant-garde soul check out some amazing and unusual places in the country.

The following list consists of five the most amazing places to visit in London. Anyone can get to these places and enjoy all the strangeness in them.

1. Mistyng Berners Street – Berne Street in London – a place famous global hoax in 1810, this happened when the writer Theodore Hook made a bet with Samuel Beazley, that he can make any home of London's most popular. one in just one week.

2. Naturist Club Rio – located in Kent Town, London, the health club and spa offers the usual services and facilities such as a jacuzzi, solarium and sauna. What makes it stand out in a variety of resorts, with & # 39 is its reputation as the best place for swingers and nudists. However, they serve only youth.

3. Katademy Camden – a number of passages of the 19th century, located 21 feet under the ground, with the & # 39 is one of the most unusual places to visit London. This wide range of passes served as stables for the horses when they were originally built. Inground pool, as they say, is also located there, and there can accommodate boats.

4. Thin house – a building in the shape of a wedge on Turlov area Naytsbryzh really an exciting spectacle. This is just one of the fine buildings in London, and it is becoming wider.

5. Hunter Museum – this museum is very different from all the other artifacts found in London or any other parts of the world in which many body parts, surgical instruments, anatomical illustrations and similar items. It is strongly recommended to avoid eating just before visiting the said museum.

These unusual places to visit in London, not in the list of places you can go, is believed to friends and family members & # 39; and. If you are someone who is doing something different and interesting, although it is ideal to check if you are in London.

Tour of Pompeii Traps – three ways to avoid the trap

The trap guides Pompeii is easily accessible as it is affected even at a relatively respectable channels. Let's run through them one by one.

1. Reservation of the tours of Pompeii by private drivers and companies limousine service.

This is perhaps the easiest way, when it comes to booking tours of Pompeii. This happens when you arrive in Pompeii, using pre-booked private car. Private drivers are usually found through a site or service stations network of agencies that provide their customers.

When you arrive, as soon as the driver you gain confidence, you will be offered additional services to enhance the visit.

But here's the rub.

Quality private drivers does not necessarily mean quality private guide. This is a case of misplaced trust. Drivers want to increase their profits by offering additional services and adding services of a guide. They charge you the full price from the buyer, and then look for a certificate through a mobile phone. But drivers rarely want to pay the official fee guide.

this is also often at the last moment, so you have received the quality of the guide is usually a lottery.

You should know that the best guides can be operated once for these private drivers once or twice with a private driver, which they already know; but after that they try to avoid the experience, because they do not receive the necessary money for that would pay for their services. For example, I work with almost all the drivers in the Bay of Naples 20 years, and I have my own overwhelming pre-selected group of drivers. However, these days I rarely accept such jobs.

2. In place of the guides:

These are local guides at the main entrance to the monument to the archaeological sites. Many of these "guides" began to work many years ago in tourist shops. They have learned a few words of any foreign language, and since then, for example, they are automatically identified themselves as guides.

You know what that one day decide that you are a local guide, it does not mean that you have a quality report that the place is really meant for visitors.

This can make for some places in the world, but the complexity of Pompeii is not enough. Many of these guides samadeklaravanyh still finds its customers at the entrance to the site through a half-century. Today, at the end of 2008, they created a kind of decoration for the gazebo or booking a tent outside the main entrance of the monument Pompeii. Whatever the system, the risk of launch will be the same …. and this will end up with a very bad management level.

Usually for excursions to Pompeii "guides on the scene" will lead you to the site, get a quick tour and then continue to "self-study site."

Why do they do it? Why did they leave you in the center of the site? You left them in the middle of the monument of Pompeii, so they can return to the pavilion to get their names in the list, in time to take another tour with poorer clients. Who could have imagined!

The result is that you have to continue to study independently, and do not show the proper tour from start to finish in a few hours.

I'm not saying that every direction beyond a low quality site. There is also a good reference for quality. But the risk for your customer to find guidance outside Pompeii & # 39 is that you get a guide of poor quality, because you can not choose the leadership of the waiting list system. Even if you meet with the leadership that you like, the waiting list system means that you will be allocated to those who are close to the list. All this is a matter of success in the draw.

You may be asking yourself how this can happen in such a world famous and important site? And you are asking quite right. It is through mismanagement and corruption in the industry, but that's another article. Let us consider a finite group, where you can also experience – Pompeii site Guards.

3. Protection of Monuments of Pompeii

site security guards are responsible for the control and conservation of visitors. But the most common complaints that I hear – is that there is in their control –

people complain

* Stray dogs

* Brudnasts Pompeii site

* Lots of houses inside the site closed.

* No one to ask information or direction.

Why is all this happening?

Since the guards sometimes offer their services to visitors who are on the site and are in need of information and do their own work on the site of the control and safety of persons. They started doing this in a similar way to the self-declared guides decades ago, and they still are.

If you are hit, instead of there to help, some of the guards working illegally sites as guides.

In my opinion, every person has their own profession. Leave the guards to guard the site. If you want leadership, book a decent guide before arriving.