Travel Forums in India – the admiration of travelers

We have all heard the word "forum", and in the modern world, quickly turning into "electronic world", there are already many such forums. Web forum can be simply defined as an online board on & # 39; ads or board of & # 39; ads for endless and detailed discussion of the various issues. One of the upcoming Forum in India & # 39 is "travel Forum in India."

It follows from this word, padarozhzhavyya forums in India provide practical experience of traveling through India. Such discussion forums are also direct travelers visiting India to make their trip enjoyable.

Indian Tourism Forum is definitely a useful tool for all lovers wishing to explore the natural wonders of India. Forum members can share their drawings, suggestions and experience first-hand on several fronts. Features such as "chat", allow forum participants to quickly get answers to all questions related to travel. Personal travel experience that divided the participants, giving an honest review of the place visited. On the route you want to go, tips to visit the money to spend, you can get all the information that a traveler can come up with. Indian travel industry is growing rapidly, as every Indian is eagerly awaiting the rest of India, to discover the mysterious and fascinating landscape ponds. As the saying goes: "Better late than never", India finally coped with the right keys with several Indian tourist community.

Indian forums to discuss travel eventually made their mark, and have come a long way from getting advice from some friends before heading off on holiday, to ensure that they share a much larger platform with thousands of travelers in real time. travel forums is not just people who are looking for answers to questions related to travel, but also people who have a great knowledge of Indian hot spots and frequent travelers, as they can share or send other members. Be countless benefits of being members of the Indian tourist forums, as listed above, but rather an important economy gets rid of the exaggerated views of Indian travel agents with respect to any destination, which can put you in a very highly regarded there, but is not suitable. your interests. Most of all, if you pay a hefty sum, and receive not worth it, then all that remains – this is unfortunate traveler – the main purpose of travel will be defeated. After the trip, you will no longer rejuvenated, but flattering, this is where forums come with these simple people (travelers) who are ready to lend a helping hand. On the contrary, forums can offer a travel agent or tour operator, which appears to be well-being for your holiday, offering a cost-effective packages.

drawings on the exchange forums feature will help you get acquainted with the place that you want to visit. Thus, the Indian travel forums can save you time, money and offer you expert opinion of the travelers. Next time when you create your travel plans, whether it be a tour of South India tour of North India or any part of the Indian subcontinent, you know where to find a guru travel. Be agents of change, be a member of Forum of Indian travel. Happy travels !!

Tourism Dharamsala Himachal Pradesh

Give a warm welcome to the stunning hill station of Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh. It is a quiet place in India is dotted with interesting saga of the royal Dalai Lama and a variety of Tibetan settlements. The word Dharamsala represents the Holy land of refuge in the midst of a wonderful Dhaudladhar range.

Tourist attractions in Dharamsala

Maharana protopit Sagar
Try amazing feature Gimachal-Pradesha with trips to the hill station of Dharamsala. This wild refuge was named after the patriot Maharana protopit King Mevera, and later in 1983 it was declared a sanctuary of wildlife. Dense forest with & # 39 is home to 220 species of birds and is now designated as a paradise for bird watching.

war memorial
War Memorial – a tribute to the great Hera with Gimachal-Pradesha who sacrificed their lives for independence. Place flourishing green lawns and artistic landscaping. Tourist any caste or religious community will definitely feel a touch of patriotism, pulverized in the small town of Dharamsala.

Kangra Art Museum
Kangra Art Museum, Dharamsala – one of the best exhibition centers in India. It unique style different exposure artifacts Tibetan and Buddhist cultures, which basically dated V century. A rich collection of ethnic jewelry, costumes, wood carving and miniature painting requires urgent attention. This museum, showing modern art works, very visited by travelers.

Other attractions – Tibet Museum, a complex of Tsuglagkhang and Kunal-Patras

Dharamsala travel information

the nearest airport
Excursion to Dharamsala possible by air. Kangra Airport, located 12 km from Dharamsala, daily flights to Delhi and other major Indian cities.

the nearest station
The nearest railway station is located in Kangra, which is 17 km from the station of Dharamsala hill. Trains such as Jammu Mail, Shalimar Express and so on, connecting the city of narrow gauze line.

Accessible by road
Shymla, Manali Degradun, Chandigarh and Pathankot lie on a hill near a number of state and private buses. Visitors can also hire a jeep and comfortable four-wheel to make an adventurous trip to Dharamsala.

Hadaba for destination guide in Egypt

Peaceful resort Hadaba is just a ten-minute drive from Naama Bay. It is the perfect choice for a relaxing holiday, but still within reach of the living area of ​​the resort. One of the six key areas that make up the Sharm el-Sheikh, Hadaba (in Arabic means "pick off") – much more relaxed resort than near Naama Bay. Sitting in an elevated location on the Ras Um Sid or Om El Sid, as you know, the resort offers breathtaking views of the mountains and the sea. The Hadaba has a large selection of restaurants, bars and shops, as well as a huge range of Alf Leila Wa Leila (implied fantasy in Arabic). Diving, snorkeling, submarine, water sports, swimming pools, tennis, volleyball, skating on wheels and bowling are also available in Hadaba. Walking around the city, visitors will feast this Egyptian culture, do not miss the local markets where you can practice your bargaining skills!

The resort offers a great choice of accommodation, including luxury hotels and villas, and one of the few resorts in Sharm el-Sheikh, where you will find self-catering accommodation. Many hotels here have their own private beaches which are perfect for a relaxing holiday in the sun.

Ras Um Sid – it's a long, golden sandy stretch of coastline where the crystal-clear blue waters of the Red Sea and reefs ideal for diving. There is a pier that takes you through the spectacular coral reef, an idyllic spot for diving. The best time to holiday in dayvingavaga Hadaba – a hot summer from May to September. This is because there are many more fish, which can be seen due to the migration Kosjakov if they pursue a nutrient-rich currents. You can still dive in the winter, but the fish to observe, however, and during the spring months of visibility prevents the birth of thousands of children's fish. Around Hadaba dayvingavyh there are many centers where you can meet divers of all levels. Besides diving and snorkeling, Hadaba offers a range of water sports, including windsurfing, water skiing, parachuting, canoeing and fishing.

The whole family & # 39; I will love the two water parks in the area. Waterpark Aqua Blue in Hadaba has a large selection of slides, a lazy river and a long watery provides safe play area for all ages.

Rest in Hadaba is complete without a trip into the Sinai desert. Whether it's a camel safari, a tour on horseback, jeep or ATV, or just relaxing under the stars in a traditional Bedouin feast, you will not be disappointed.

Nightlife in Hadaba more subdued than other resorts in the region, but the ten-minute taxi ride will take you to the lively bars and clubs of Naama Bay, or you can go to Old Sharm (El-May), which is just a few minute drive away. The complex Alf Leila Wa Leila every evening there belly dancers and traditional Egyptian music.

Best time to visit – October and April, which is a & # 39 is the winter season regions. At this time, a lot of sunlight (8-10 hours per day), and 20-30S temperature is much more patient than in a burning hot summer season, which runs from May to September. In these hot summer days, you're likely to see up to 13 hours of sunshine a day and temperatures will soar to 32-35S, even in a few days reaching 40C. The sea is the best temperature for the period from July to October.

You travel a man macho in Madrid? Go to battle

Many tourists macho-men sent to the Sunday bullfights when visiting Madrid. Their girlfriends feminists may not approve, but it does not deny that the battle on the giant arena bullfight at Las Ventas – what you probably remember the rest of their lives. Blood, combat, sight!

In terms of budget, you really get a kick for your buck when you go to a bullfight in Spain. Most fights lasted almost 3 hours or more, and the cheapest tickets are available for about 20 euros. These tickets are on the sunny side of the rings, while you need to pay more to sit in the shade.

He wants to doubt that the Knicks to watch the game or perk up over the "Manchester United" – this is not because this is why you should go to a bullfight when you're in Spain. Once you pass this thing to the ill-treatment of animals, you really have to look at bullfighting as an art, it is.

In addition, the bull, known as La Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, from an architectural point of view, a strange, impressive red brick and ceramic tile in muddejar style that explode out of the ground in a residential area, it is true that bullfighting – is the richest Culture is deeply embedded in the history of Spain.

When and where?

Las Ventas is located on the eponymous metro stop (Ventas, L2). You literally can not miss this. Keep in mind that bullfights take place from March to October, every Sunday at 19 o'clock. During the annual festival of San Isidryo every day there are bullfighting.

Enjoy the fight!

Guide to Antique cars – cars Museum of Virginia

You do not need to go far in Virginia to find the antique car museum. In Virginia, home to at least eight (or nine, if you stretch your definition of "machine", to include tanks!). Here is a list of all the ancient collections of cars that I can find information in Virginia.

Museum of the Automobile, and caravan traffic in caves Lyuray traces the history of transportation in America. Presented items include horse-drawn carriages, wagons, carriages and early automobiles. Car collection includes gasoline in 1892, Baker Electric, 1908, Stanley Paymer 1913 and Rudolph Valentino 1925 Rolls Royce. You must gain entry into Lury settlement of the cave to get into the museum. (540) 743 – 6551

Museum of Ancient twenties in the museum of antique cars in Hood presented 32 old cars, mostly from the 1920s and 1930s. The collection includes examples of Carter, Star, Stephen, Cleveland, Hupmobile, Paige, Nash, Essex, Packard and Cadillac. Also on display are horse carriages, old farming tools and periodical advertising. (540) 948 – 6290

In the Museum of Transportation in Roanoke Virginia have cars and other vehicles of almost every decade of the twentieth century. The museum focuses on the railroad industry, but also has the aerospace section. (540) 342 – 5670

Museum Fred car in Appomattox contains more than sixty-five antique cars, ranging from 1906 to 1980. Key collection collections include Schacht 1906 Sakstan 1914 Buggy-piano in 1920, Packard 1936, and a very rare 1939 Lincoln V -12 limousine. (434) 352-0606

In the Museum of antique cars, accompanied Nortgemptana in Parkes has 1922 Durant, Auburn 1935, Gromoverka 1956 and a lot of cars. (757) 665-6161

Museum of classic cars and collectors in Staunton Eavers shows more than twenty classic cars, including this Coble Shelby AC 1965, the last Cadillac Elvis Presley and sports car Devin 1959. (540) 337-1126

Automobile Museum in Old Cranks Galaxy has a unique range of antique cars, including single-cylinder buffer Orient, Detroit Electric and Steley Steamer. (276) 236 – 5114.

Museum of Wood Brothers racing in Stsyuary covers 58 years of the history of racing. You can view one thousand nine hundred seventy-one Purolator Mercury Cyclone, 1989 Neil Bonnet Thunderbird and 1937 Glen Wood Ford Coach. There are also trophies, racing suits and helmets, as well as many other racing items. (276) 694 – 2121

The AAF Tank Museum in Danvil NO antique cars, but I could not leave them! Their collection includes 117 tanks and artillery products, as well as more than twenty thousand other military artifacts dating back to 1509! (434) 836-5323

For lovers of motor vehicles to choose from, you can choose, if you are passing through or live near Virginia. As always, call ahead for information about hours and holiday schedules before traveling.

The advantages of a self-governing travel on AT & # 39; etname

Amazing friendliness & # 39; etnamtsav, an amazing collection of unique cultures and amazing views of the whole nation and excellent quiet beaches – is the dream of travelers. There are only a few countries that offer it all, and they include in the & # 39; etnam. Anyone can join an organized tour group through a travel agency. Why you should not do research on their own, save money and enjoy the experience of personally planned life – plan your own trip to In & # 39; etname.

A country with more than 50 subcultures, strange landscapes with sandy beaches, tropical weather & # 39; em and friendly hosts are not found everywhere. Of course, you can enjoy these attractions travel, join an organized tour or hire a private guide who accompanies you throughout the country, but both of these options create a bar & # 39; er between you and the friendly locals.

The In & # 39; etname home to more than 86 million people and a & # 39 is one of the most popular places to travel in the world. In recent years, two major problems have been resolved travelers – the heat and monsoon rains. Modern accommodation and transport with air-conditioned common, and many travelers in the & # 39; etname decided to weigh the monsoon weather to enjoy some of the benefits of rain – mostly better "beach" outside & # 39; I, when the rainy days will pass.

Over the past few years & # 39 there was a large number of hotels in the B & # 39; etname – small family "mini-hotel" to 5-star luxury resorts – make comfortable rooms available for every travel budget. "Telegraph Backpacker" provides access to trade in the hotels over the internet and word of mouth. Spend some time "surfing the Internet", and you will find a wide range of places to spend a night or two to fit any budget.

Movements of "before and after" in the & # 39; etnam can finance funding, a little research on the Internet. Large international carriers often offer great prices on a variety of sites in Asia. And recently with the & # 39; emergence of Asian regional carriers to provide the last "jump" in B & # 39; etnam, if you can not land in Hoshymin (Saigon) and Hanoi. Danang is now the arrival point for regional carriers from Thailand and other neighboring countries.

Transportation within the country can be arranged at a reasonable price, a private excursion tourist industry "Open Tour" and if you're really adventurous, you can try the public bus system in B & # 39; etnam. Railroad tracks in the & # 39; etnama provide excellent transport from one end of the country to another. As a private company buses and railways provide a variety of options in the area of ​​comfort. "Hard" and "soft" – it is an adjective used to describe the level of service available on the train. You might even go on a trip to the local motorcycle or go on a bicycle tour of the city.

If you're wondering what you do when you get up in the & # 39; etnama look any guide in the & # 39; etname. There are "adventure" to meet the needs of any traveler, abilities and desires. Travelers local tourist services can be found "online", in reference books or "on the street", when you arrive in town. Pending arrange a tour while you are "in place" not allowed to make changes to their plans at the last minute to spend a few extra days somewhere that capture your imagination and spend the money on something else. If you are going back to the guided tour, you can finish most of the time sitting next to someone who hurts.

Planning a private tour of the B & # 39; etname will not only benefit you financially but also culturally. You not only save money but also make new d & # 39; etnamskih friends along the way.

Guidance on the cities and villages in North Devon (Part I)


Epldare fishing village was first inhabited by the Cistercian monks in the 14th century and since then has been a flourishing port. In 1588, the village received a "free port" in recognition of the vital role in the defeat of Armardy, supplying ships and men to fight the Spanish. Today the sleepy village of narrow streets and fishermen's cottages holds a number of festivals throughout the year and offer beautiful views of the River Taw estuary and Bidfardski


The ancient town of Barnstaple (the oldest in the country) was first settled by the Saxons over 1000 years ago. Today the city – shopping center of North Devon with a number of leading national stores as well as local and independent stores. The city's architecture is a mixture of medieval, Victorian and Georgian buildings and its floral displays & # 39 are the second in a row after winning in Britain and Bloom.


Bidfard or the Little White Town as it is also known lies on the banks of the river Toryzh. The city was the third largest port in Britain in the 16th century, and there are still boats come in and out, including MS MS Oldenburg, which bring people to the nearby island of Lundy. One of the attractions of the city & # 39 with a statue of writer Charles Kingsley one of the most famous residents Bidfarda.


Bravton – the biggest village in the whole of Britain. The village lies on the archaeological and natural importance with examples of medieval strip breeding and the largest sand dunes in the UK Brauntonskih bunks with amazing 6km along the coast and 2 km inland. Braunton – popular stop for surfing with several serfingavyh stores that sell everything you might need a beginner or an expert.


Clovelly – perhaps one of the most famous villages of the country. The village is famous for its steep cobbled streets with stones, on which day the donkey carry people and goods from the quay to the cliff top. Today the village remains largely unspoilt and still retains its original period charm.

comb Martin

Combe Martin was once a prosperous harbor thanks to exporting of local strawberries and hemp. To date, Combe Martin – a popular place for tourists where its main street, is believed to be the longest in all of Britain and is longer than 2 miles. One of the most famous sights of the city – Hotel Pack of Cards, built in the 17th century, the owner of a landowner who used his winnings from playing cards to build a tavern. In the tavern, 4 floors, 13 rooms and 52 windows to represent a pack of cards.


Croyde – an ancient village that dates back to Saxon times. The village is often considered one of the most beautiful in Devon, where a lot of houses with thatched chocolate. Coryde – an extremely popular destination for surfers and is considered one of the best surf spots in the country.

Guide was drunk and the surrounding area


Cute pilos Messina Harbor is located on the southwestern tip of the Peloponnese. It is 50 km from Kalamata and 11 km from the metonym and is undoubtedly one of the most attractive coastal cities of Greece. It is built in an amphitheater on the hill above the bay Navaryna. In the center of the port there is a rock with uzlomkami known as Marathonisi or Chelonaki. This cliff – the historic island Sfaktyra. Pilos has bright colors, white two-storey houses with courtyards drenched colors. Arkadavyya streets make you think that you are transported to the island. Main Square is located on the water front. He calls pastry shops, has two big guns and leaned multivector huge plane trees. The ancient city was drunk often mentioned in the history and mythology. This city was built in 1829 according to the plans of French architects of General Mason.

In the western part of the city dominated by the fortress-Turk Venice, known as Neokastra. One of the most attractive in the Peloponnese, he called that distinguishes it from the ancient fortress in the south-west, on behalf Paliokastro or Palionavarino. The fortress was built by the Turks in 1573 and rebuilt by the French after the Battle of Navaryna. On the southern side of its ramparts tower strengthen the protection of the walls. It offers a magnificent view of the bay. Strengthening the internal hexagon to form a bastion and chirping crickets replace the battle cries roar and lights. Museum on the left of the entrance sells gifts and souvenirs.

The Battle of the Bay Navaryna

Pilos – place of the Battle of Navaryna that is not even supposed to be a battle. In fact, this was the result of the British King George IV called a "terrible mistake." However, this was a turning point in the Greek War of Independence. October 26 27 27 British, French and Russian fleet under Admiral Kadryngtana took position around the bay was drunk and "accidentally" sank 53 ships Ibragama-pasture on & # 39; the combined navies of Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia.

Although the Turkish ship, meant to be a warning to leave the bay. From the first glance of the canon fire Allied ship called Turkish-Egyptian fleet reaction. The end result is that these lost ships remain to this day and can be seen in the clear waters. Thus the Peloponnese was released and Pelepanisa became a nation of modern Greece.

Sfaktyra island

Paliokastra medieval fortress perched on the majestic cliffs on the north side of the island. An underground passage connects it to the cave of Nestor, in which the king was drunk must shelter his cattle. At the foot of the fortress is a funerary monument in memory of 540 French sailors out there who have lost their lives in the Battle of Navarone.

Giyalava and Voydakiliya

Zhalava – a small attractive village, typical of those to be found in Messinia. It is surrounded by fruit and olive trees and has several good beaches, including Golden Bay and Voydakiliya. However vuadakiliya – one of the most spectacular in all of Greece. Bay Vuydokilii with sandy beach extends from the base of the old fortress. A dirt road leads to the lagoon Zhalava, one of Greece's most important ecosystems. In this vast expanse of water is home to over 250 species of birds. Dense vegetation provides cover chameleon and a turtle, while many species of fish thrive in safe waters. This is a favorite place for birds migrating from the north and sports in the reeds.

Palace of Nestor

Mycenaean palace of Nestor, one of the best preserved of all the Mycenaean palaces. He stands on a hilltop amid a sea of ​​olive trees. It was a palace of the hero from the Trojan wars. There is a group of 3 buildings surrounded by high walls, which were built in the 13th century BC. Initially, the main building has two floors, living quarters and warehouses. Old buildings were on the south-east and north-east lie the ruins of a complex of workshops and more graveyards. Many found here frescoes and artifacts, including pottery, jewelry, various objects made of bronze and ivory found in the archaeological museum adjacent Hori.

Relax in front of Vayminga Dude

What would be the "Cowboy State" without cowboys? Silhouette image of a horse and rider, hat in hand, with the & # 39 is a registered trade mark of Wyoming. Image with & # 39 appeared in 1918, when it was worn by members of the National Guard Wyoming. Until now, the horse is decorated Wyoming rooms. The state knows someone about cowboys, and the tradition with the & # 39 is proud.

The tradition continues and offers visitors many dude ranch in Wyoming. Guests can take part in the action on the rope, branding and shepherd of cattle. Organized trips cattle are regularly held in many stages.

Working ranches and guest ranches scattered across Wyoming, and the amenities Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from a closed plumbing to the massage room. There is a dude ranch, which is available to all guests, and housing as primitive or elegant as the vacationer is looking for.

Open meadows and rolling hills await exploration on foot or on horseback. Guests invariably notice the wildlife Wyoming, including coyotes, wild turkeys, and, of course, the official state animal, the bison. Many Wyoming dude takes a herd of bison and cattle. Overnight trips are often available, as well as a trip to the packs, which can last a week or more. Sometimes also it offers guided hunting game.

Cowboy culture is preserved and still thriving in Wyoming. On any of the numerous ranchavyh man in Wyoming, guests can experience a world outside of what they knew. Pairing tamed and controlled horses from the desert, which can never be, and this experience.

The Best of Bohol Island – Tourist activities and tips for travel

Bohol Island – one of the top island destinations in the Philippines, which includes thousands of tourists and visitors. Well, you can choose a direct flight from Manila to Bohol or fly to Cebu, and quickly go to Bohol and spend voyages only two hours. Once there, you can contact with many tour operators and pay only $ 60 for one day excursions to the countryside of Bohol, covering the usual tourist favorites, and then spend the remaining days of relaxing in a tropical refuge, tanning, spa and get a great vacation.

Bohol, this small island in the center of the Visayas is famous worldwide for its geological miracle – Chocolate Hills, as well as with the & # 39 is home to the smallest primate Tarsier in the world and offers an excellent place for scuba diving and snorkeling.

In the town of Carmen is about 1200+ small hills kropkuyuts in the village of Bohol. These hills are very lush and covered with vegetation during the rainy season, which dries up in the summer, leaving a brown-mountain hills, like little chocolate kisses, hence the name Chocolate Hills. This is an amazing natural wonder is best seen in the Chocolate Hills complex where you will need to climb the 214 steps to the top to get a broad view of the hills nearly uniform. Entrance to the complex is less than $ 2.

The most famous Tarsier, which they say George Lucas & # 39; the inspiration for the character Master Yoda in the TV series "Star Wars" can also be found in the "Bohol". These nocturnal animals are considered to be the smallest primate in the world. You do not have to look for them in their natural habitat in the jungles and mountains of Bohol, because you can see some of these road workers in RioVerde Tarsier Place, and also you can take a picture of a very cute animals, provided that you do not use any camera flash, and you are silent, studying the place, as they are easy to break and may worry. Entrance to the center Ryaverde free.

Another attraction of tourism in Bohol – a pristine white sand beaches of Panglao. There are two beach bars that are frequented by tourists, the beach and the beach Alon Dumaluan. The beach strip in the Alon more alive compared to Dumaluanam and highly recommended for those who want to party with the presence of hotels and restaurants that offer dinner in the buffet only about 11 dollars per person, these restaurants near the coastline. You can see and hear the waves when you enjoy the food and listen to live acoustic singers or groups who drop out of the restaurant as an additional attraction for visitors. However Dumaluaya beach strip is longer than Alena, and if you want to relax and give preference to move away from the crowds of tourists, you will surely enjoy more than Dumaluan. If it's a hotel, do not worry, because in Panlao there are many hotels, whether in Elon, and in Dumaluane, but you need to pre-book as Panlao Island in Bohol also & # 39 is a favorite place for locals.

Island hopping is also a & # 39 is a favorite pastime of visitors to Bohol. For the price of less than $ 40 you can take a whole day on the racing tour of the island and to have the opportunity to see dolphins, which tend in the clear waters of Panglao. You can organize your tour of the island race-hotel or with many tourist shops tours that can be found near the beaches. The tour usually takes you to the best place for snorkeling or diving in a small island of Pamilacan, Kabilao and Balikasag. It really is a certain underwater paradise, and you should not miss if you're in Bohol.

Another love Bohan – a slower pace of life and still rustic mood. If you come from the big cities, you will enjoy the uniqueness of this small island province.