One of the many disadvantages of Bitcoin is that blockchain is both pseudonymous and transparent, which means you can watch, for example, BTC, but you don’t know who (or what) owns the parts. The pseudo-transparency provided by Bitcoin created industry and art around “chain analysis”, allowing researchers to change the cryptocurrency economy in a way that others could not.

However, recently, BitInfo Charts, the latest blockchain analytics site, said that 11.58 million bitcoins, or more than 50% of cryptocurrencies, valued at more than $ 70 billion, are writing this article. It also means that less than 6.8 million BTCs have changed in the last 12 months.

This may mean that the cryptocurrency market remains strongly positive, although bitcoin prices have fallen by 50% over the past five months. The fact is, unless you did a chain analysis, you would not come to this conclusion.

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What does this status mean?
Yes, CoinMetrics estimates that less than half of the 4 million “depressing” BTC coins were lost in the air, claiming that keyboards lost keyboards and lost keyboards, died and decided they would not have access to other causes, and so on.