Biyalyuminestsentny Bay Puerto Rico – mandatory inspection for any tourist in Puerto Rico

Travel Biyalyuminestsentnay bay – one of the most amazing things that can be done in Puerto Rico because it is such a rare ecosystem.

there are plenty of tourist attractions on the island and training, but I think that the tour in the "bio-bay" as they are sometimes called – is unique to the island and the environment, you will not find anywhere else.

For this reason, the study biyalyuminestsentnay bay consistently rated as one of the top tourist attractions on the websites travel reviews. To help you know a little bit about why this is quite unique, let the first highlight some of the science.

Biyalyuminestsentsyya found in many species – think about the usual fireflies. It is also found in aquatic animals such as squid and cuttlefish. Biyalyuminestsentny bay with 39 & # is an ideal habitat for the prosperity microscopic plankton dynaflagelata, most of which emits blue light as a defense mechanism when excited. These habitats can occur in different places at different times of the year, but very few places with a & # 39 are ideal habitats year round. Biyalyuminestsentnyya bay in Puerto Rico – these places.


Ecosystems biyalyuminestsentnyh dynaflagelyatav with & # 39 is one of the rarest and most fragile, the most famous – Biyalyuminestsentny Bay La Pargery, Layase, Puerto Rico, and Mosquito Bay in B & # 39; eke, Puerto Rico and Las Kabes- de San Juan Razer, natural Fajardo, Puerto Rico. . Near the bay of Jamaica Bay is Biyalyuminestsentnay lagoon.

So visit the island and do not visit the "Bio-Bay" – it's like to go to Rome and miss the Colosseum. It is an experience that you can use while you are at your destination

The best way to enjoy this unique experience – evening tour by canoe. The main bio-bay on the island called Laguna Grande, reachable from Fajardo, made their way along a narrow ditch mangrovay river. Typically, two rounds are held, and if later offered a darker atmosphere, where you can see biyalyuminestsentny plankton earlier tour provides enough light to see mangrovyya trees and enjoy the last light of sunset. Please note that swimming is not allowed to keep the delicate chemical balance of the bay.

Although this phenomenon is difficult to photograph and shoot video there is one, which is pretty accurate experience. It covers the more popular tour by canoe from Fajardo to Laguna Grande, and you can watch it here: Fajardo Bio Bay Videos. (Less than five minutes)

If you are planning to go to Puerto Rico, participated in the bio-bay – this is a rare chance to observe this fragile ecosystem and an unforgettable and rare experience.