6 of the best beaches in Turkey, you will never miss to visit


Solar Turkey with & # 39 is home to a large number of amazing beaches. To spend a wonderful vacation, you do not necessarily need to communicate with the hyper-popular and so too crowded resorts. Instead, you can choose Turkish beaches that have long attracted visitors. Let's look beyond the overly tourist beaches of Marmaris and Kusadasi, and reveal the other main points of the Turkish holiday for bathing, swimming or surfing.


Pantar is in the Xanthos valley. It has fine white sand with a total length of 15 km. This makes it one of the longest beaches in the Mediterranean. entrance area is full of good, but if you walk past the sand dunes in the north-west, you will enjoy greater solitude. During the summer season there are good waves for surfing, but spring and autumn are ideal for swimmers.

butterfly Valley

This spectacular area that borders with two high rocks, hides the pristine sand bar, which can be reached by boat from Oludeniz. It's a wild place for trekking and leisure, untouched by modern developments. If you stay in Faralya, you can look at the spectacular rock.


Kabak – the name of the village, which is located on the Lycian way. Tourists like its cozy wooden houses and the general peacefulness of this place. The valley has a magnificent pine forest, has fragments of mountain terrain, and the beach is filled with pebbles rather than sand. Thus the landscape is very different from Turkey's usual sandy beaches and, of course, enchanting. The only negative – a large number of mosquito populations.


Situated in Dalian, this is probably the best beach to attract children. This is quite sunny place, where large crowds of people. In addition, it is a place where turtles nest. On this sandy beach you often see traces of turtles, as these animals come ashore to lay their eggs. Behind the beach there is a swampy area, where abundant wildlife lives.


often photographed beach in Oludeniz – a long sandy belt, which leads to the beautiful blue lagoon. Besides the natural beauty of the area, the beach is well known for its diverse and affordable accommodation in the area. Fans paraplavannya believe Oludeniz best place to study. They are enthusiastic about the aircraft types.


Known tourist name, Bodrum – on the shores of turquoise, as it is called. In the south of the peninsula in the Aegean Sea home to numerous resorts with beautiful beaches, all bordering the bright blue sea waters. In addition, Bodrum – is ancient history, beautiful views of the mountains and the Mediterranean flora. This is the preferred item for wealthy visitors and thus, one of the luxurious areas on the tourist map of Turkey.