A real journey through the Northern Thailand – 10 Tips


At a time when so many places in Northern Thailand has been commercialized by tourism, as you can see the real side of the country? Well, there is still room for this kind of experience, a little bit of time and research that will help you get out of the tourist trail. Here are some tips:

1. As a general rule, the further you move away from the developed areas, the greater the chance of finding a natural and real areas that remain loyal to the Thai culture and lifestyle.

2. To get to these places, do not need a lot of time, an hour outside of Chiang Mai, you can be in remote rural areas. There are regular public buses to Ma Hong Son and Chiang Rai, if public transport is not for you, then I would advise to hire a car and guide

3. Surprisingly hire a driver with a car is not much more expensive than self-control. In addition to this guide, you can take on the job about a day 800bat

4. While hiring a guide is worth a little more, their contribution to the real experience can be invaluable

5. Without guide your trip is likely to be only observatory, missing a lot of valuable information and cultural understanding. The guide is not only a translator, but also with the & # 39 is a valuable source of information and education. A good guide will be able to offer views and information beyond what you can read in the book padarozhnitskay

6. Thailand is famous for its friendly gentle hospitality. A friendly meeting with a local may turn into an invitation to his home, and there you will get a true impression directly in front of you

7. Go to the small track running along the main road called "Sois", look closely and you will find intimate aspects of local life

8. Living at home is also a great way to get acquainted with how the locals live. Now dress offer family home with family & # 39; it in Thailand or in the village hills of the tribe. This accommodation option is often cheaper than staying in a standard hotel, but offers a much richer experience

9. Visit local markets that are perfectly familiar with regional cuisine and products. Thais love their markets, at least a handful can be found in every city

10. The general reason why people are hesitant on, is that they are not allowed enough time, so the time factor in the road with a & # 39; to go astray. The amount of time will bring you a quality experience