The Best Guide to beaches in Spain for your unforgettable trip to Spain

Spain beaches – the most interesting beaches in the world. Visitors who come to Spain is always a sense of satisfaction from the cool sandy beaches. Spain has a very long coastline, which extends to 5,000 miles, and the beaches of Spain watered three enormous basins: the Mediterranean Sea, the Bay of Biscay and the vast Atlantic Ocean. Spain has a number of mental beaches, but it should be noted a few.
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Playa De Las Catedrales: It is located in Galicia, very nice beach. A great attribute of this beach with the & # 39 is its unique shape, formed by erosion and rock formations. This Spanish beach – a clean beach with sand and around the Rocky Mountains. It is very peaceful environment and good for swimming in the sun, swimming, games and a variety of active outdoor activities.
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San Sebastian Playa San Sebastian is also one of the nice beaches, located in the northwestern part of Spain. It is also clear water. Tourists come and enjoy the beach strange script and remember it always. Here you can swim, swim and have fun.
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Beach Sitges: Sitges beaches have 17 beaches that are combined with the same high quality of pure water. They are located in Catalonia. Beaches Sitzhy consist of shiny crystal clear water, which encourages visitors to enjoy the delights of the beach. In bright sunny day, you can come to bathe or swim all day and get great pleasure from the beaches of Sitges.
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Beach tariffs: Located in Andalusia, the beach of Tarifa – the most beautiful beach and has all the picturesque beauty. Big waves around the beach attract the most visitors. Near the beach there are sun beds, umbrellas umbrella, funds for food and drink. Many people are surfing here as kite surfing, etc., and a lot of people like.
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Playa Del Silencio: Located in Asturias, supposedly peaceful beach of all. Quiet speaking waves that are blowing along the beach – it is a unique feature. You can come and swim in the waters of the beach, and then relax, lying on the bed resting under umbrella shades with your favorite glass of wine.
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Buses and taxis are constantly delivered to your favorite beach. No one should ever miss the chance to come to the most interesting beaches of Spain.
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