The habit of shopping with cash has begun to be abandoned by many people. A variety of payment instruments that are practical and modern are now much preferred, especially for online shopping transactions.

Among these modern payment instruments, credit cards are one of the most popular. Besides being practical, this “magic card” offers various features and advantages for its users. Then what about the safety factor?

As with debit card or digital wallet payments, credit cards also have security risks. Starting from burglary, until the misuse of credit card data by certain individuals. Of course this can cause harm.


Maintain the confidentiality of credit card data

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Credit cards contain a variety of user information. Of course, confidentiality must be kept, for example the PIN number if using a PIN, biological mother’s name, date of birth, and other important information. If it falls into the hands of people who are not responsible, this personal data can be misused to break into your credit card.

The more rapidly developing technology, the more sophisticated the mode of crime used by the perpetrators. So, don’t let other people know your credit card personal information. It’s enough for you to know.


Be careful when making transactions

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Every time you use a credit card, for example in a department store, then for a few moments your credit card will be in the hands of someone else (cashier). Well, you must be careful, look carefully at the transaction process to make sure everything works as it should.

Even though it is protected with a sophisticated system, credit cards remain vulnerable to crime, including recording your data through a cash register or other machine outside the EDC machine. When your data has been recorded, it is not impossible that the data is misused, such as duplicating credit cards to break into your account.

Make sure you forbid the cashier to swipe the credit card twice, so that data recording like this does not happen. In addition, trade carefully every time you use a credit card.


Turn on notifications or transaction notifications

The bank must try to improve credit card security so that users are comfortable in making transactions. This is done in many ways, one of them by providing notification services that can be accessed by credit card users.

You can activate this transaction notification service on your cellphone, so you will get a notification every time a transaction using your credit card occurs.


Keep your credit card and CVV numbers secret

credit card and CVV numbers secret

Keep the credit card number confidentiality, as well as the Card Verification Value (CVV) number on the back of the credit card. CVV is a numeric digit as a security feature commonly found on VISA and MasterCard credit cards. Usually consists of three numbers.

While credit card numbers are digit numbers that become the card’s identity. Usually consists of 16 numbers. Both CVV and credit card numbers are required in every online transaction. So you need to be careful when using it.

Avoid using credit cards for shopping on bulging or untrusted sites. Also, never share your credit card and CVV numbers with others, even family members.


Never photocopied

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Still related to credit card numbers and CVV, make sure your credit card is never photocopied for any purpose. Because this is very risky for the security of the credit card. At present, perpetrators of crimes do not always need credit cards in physical form. They can act evil only by using credit card numbers and CVV only.


Stay Alert when Using a Credit Card

Stay Alert when Using a Credit Card

Behind the ease and benefits of using a credit card, there is a risk of crime lurking. Stay careful and keep your credit cards from being stolen, as well as maintaining the confidentiality of personal data for credit card security. Never online transactions using a credit card using public wifi.