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Disneyland Paris Resort Spruces Up Hotels

Disneyland Paris Resort Spruces Up Hotels
Managers at the Disneyland Paris Resort have turned their attention to the resort hotels, and it's about time. Some of them really needed it. As usual, our gratitude goes to Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster for his great photos. Let's …
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Middle Eastern Prince to rescue Euro Disney
Euro Disney runs seven hotels and two theme parks, including Disneyland Paris. Soon after it opened, the French theatre director, Ariane Mnouchkine, famously described it as a “cultural Chernobyl”. The French were initially put off by high ticket …
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Disney Sets $1.25 Billion Bailout Plan for Disneyland Paris

Disney Sets .25 Billion Bailout Plan for Disneyland Paris
Disney has unveiled a $ 1.25 billion bailout plan for Disneyland Paris as the park struggles with an attendance slump and a high debt ratio. Disney confirmed late Sunday that it has set a €1 billion recapitalization plan for the park that has had a …
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Stalled Disneyland Ride Strands Passengers for 2 Hours
Guests at the Disney California Adventure Park in California had a little too much adventure when a malfunctioning Ferris wheel stranded them for nearly two hours. The Orange County Register says it's unclear why Mickey's Fun Wheel malfunctioned …
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Can Ratatouille rescue Disneyland Paris?
Monday, an overcast and cold day, did not seem particularly busy at Disneyland Paris, with only a handful of people hauling suitcases as they queued at the entrance. A street vendor outside the gates, peddling toy dogs for €5, pointed at the sky: “It …
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