The 10 Best Attractions at Disneyland

The 10 Best Attractions at Disneyland
Disneyland is more charming than Disney World. Instead of a massive, remote complex in the middle of a reclaimed Florida swamp, Disneyland is this quaint little park that's basically tucked away in the middle of a normal, unassuming American town full …
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Paige Pfleger: 90 year old builds 'Disneyland' in backyard
When I walked into Dmytro Szylak's backyard, I was greeted by a towering structure comprised of wood, carousel horses, windmills, rockets, helicopters and ceiling fans. Everything has been painted with bright colors and connected together in a …
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Disneyland unfreezing 'Frozen' lines
ANAHEIM – When Disneyland began hosting daily meet-and-greets with princesses Anna and Elsa from the 2013 film “Frozen,” patrons formed lines with wait times regularly exceeding two hours. It was unprecedented, even by Disneyland's standards.
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