One of the many disadvantages of Bitcoin is that blockchain is both pseudonymous and transparent, which means you can watch, for example, BTC, but you don’t know who (or what) owns the parts. The pseudo-transparency provided by Bitcoin created industry and art around “chain analysis”, allowing researchers to change the cryptocurrency economy in a way that others could not.

However, recently, BitInfo Charts, the latest blockchain analytics site, said that 11.58 million bitcoins, or more than 50% of cryptocurrencies, valued at more than $ 70 billion, are writing this article. It also means that less than 6.8 million BTCs have changed in the last 12 months.

This may mean that the cryptocurrency market remains strongly positive, although bitcoin prices have fallen by 50% over the past five months. The fact is, unless you did a chain analysis, you would not come to this conclusion.

live cryptocurrency price

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What does this status mean?
Yes, CoinMetrics estimates that less than half of the 4 million “depressing” BTC coins were lost in the air, claiming that keyboards lost keyboards and lost keyboards, died and decided they would not have access to other causes, and so on.


Traveling around India – Adventure Tour


India – one of the most preferred destinations in the world for adventure tours and tourism. It attracts adventurers and travelers all over the world with a lot of adventure sports activities, from hiking in the bones that break up ice white space of the majestic Himalayas, to the alloy of white water in a chatty and enchanting waters of the Ganges and its tributaries and exciting wildlife jeep safari in dense forests national parks exciting camel safari in the endless expanse of the great Indian desert called Thar desert.
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The trip to India gives you the coveted time unequal campaigns in the most peaceful environment. Currently trips to India are rapidly gaining fame among adventure lovers and hiking all over the world. Hiking in this beautiful country provides travelers with a maximum of excitement and a lot of options to explore the contribution of exciting Indian landscapes.
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The most popular destination for trekking in this country & # 39 is the Himalayas – the highest mountain range in the world. In fact, it is best for hiking and other adventure activities such as hiking, climbing, jumping and mountain biking. On a tour of the Himalayas in trekking and adventure lovers there is also the opportunity to experience the beauty of the lofty mountains that repair sparkling waterfalls that rush of excitement as the cheerful village belle.
Shymla, Manali, Kull, Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Kashmir, Leh, Ladakh, garbage, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Gangtok etc. colorful tourist destinations located in peradgor & # 39; pits majestic Himalayas. Abstracts of the hills well known among travelers and adventurers from all over the world with lots of Himalayan adventure and sports activities.
On the other hand, a trip to the desert land of Rajasthan allows travelers to enjoy a surprise Thar Desert on a camel safari with the opportunity to see the ripple of sand dunes. Camping in the desert of Rajasthan is also nice. Adventure tour in India also provides tourists a wonderful opportunity to wildlife expedition. Wildlife tourism in India provides tourists with the perfect blend of adventure and nature.
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Attracting the eyes natural beauty and sensational activities of wild animals on the & # 39; are combined in one unit and never leave delighted and impress visitors. Ranthambhore and Sariska in Rajasthan – world’s most popular national parks of India. They are known for a large number of royal Bengal tigers. If you want to see the lions, you need to go to Gujarat, where you will visit Sasan Gir National Park and Lion shelter. Kaziranga National Park in Assam is popular among a large number of rhinos. Corbett National Park – India’s first national park, which, in my opinion, with the & # 39 is a must place to visit for nature and adventure.
all inclusive
In India, there are many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that you can visit and explore on travel and tours to India. In addition, in India there are many options for adventure and sports activities that you can take advantage of tours and travels in India. Water sports such as scuba diving in Goa and Admane and Nicabar scooter in Goa, etc., are worthy of a pleasant stay. Therefore, choose the right package trip to India and visit India and enjoy adventure and sports activities together with excursions.



Urai Colorado – Hot Springs Champrenault La


If there Champrenault la, that’s all. On the ground, few places that compare with Uraem. It vtsetranaya gem that remains unknown to many tourists and residents.
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Natural hot springs, hidden deep in the remote San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado, eyelids beckon people. Ute Indians spent their summer camps around the tumultuous spring sources on the banks of the river Unfrafra.

They believed that in this particular valley of hot springs was a “big medicine”. It does. Hot spring will wash away your worries and rejuvenate your spirits. Soaking in the mineral waters and watching as the clouds drift over the alpine peaks – a relaxing way to take in Colorado rocky cliffs.

Hooray Colorado holds a special place. Novelist, Ayn Rand, has considered that it is so special that she used Oraya as settings for his utopichnaga city Galchev Gulch in the novel Atlas shrugged.

This small Victorian village scattered many natural hot springs that are browsing from the nearby mountains. One is even in the cave. Many of the houses in the city offers accommodation with their own private hot springs. Many have several hot tubs, others have pools, some have both. This river, which is impregnated.

Hooray blessed beauty. It is called the “Switzerland of the Rockies.” On all sides of the village high mountains rise 2,000 feet above the valley floor. Snow-capped peaks that ring the village abrysovvayutstsa the blue sky. Words can not describe it, and the camera also in adequate conditions. It’s just spectacular.

As with all alpine villages, there are many outdoor activities. You can do the usual things, such as: hiking, jeeps, exploring ghost towns, rafting wild rivers, as well as photographs of alpine meadows full of wildflowers and waterfalls. But Ouray has something new and different. In it the world’s first park skalalazhennya.

This tiny town in the winter no longer winters. Every year thousands of icebreakers come in Urai to climb the artificial ice known as “ice-hero” created “Oyrayskimi ice farmers.” It is quite a festival.

But the municipal swimming pool with hot springs is the main attraction for Ouray. The pool was completely redesigned, updated and expanded. Now 250 feet by 150 feet warm department for soaking and colder compartment wheels. Var Temperature & # 39; iruetstsa from 70 to 104 F. Soaking in the pool – this is the best way that I know for a recovery in the mountains of a busy day.

If you’re a romantic, you can go in this Victorian town in the old west arena, or perhaps you prefer the white Konjic. Local Liver stable has both.

Pool attends visitors from all over, but you will feel a stranger in the city for a few minutes. The locals are very friendly and laid-back. It seems there is a slower pace, is very relaxing. They say that the “unusual” smile will be so unique western way.

And Ouray Hot Springs Pool – a popular year round for recreation for the citizens of Western Colorado. But it is still utseshany stone that remains unknown to many tourists and residents.

In fact, the Ori can not be a Shangri-la, but it looks and feels like it, and he owns the mystical charm.

Author Tod Vandewalker




The Best Guide to beaches in Spain for your unforgettable trip to Spain


Spain beaches – the most interesting beaches in the world. Visitors who come to Spain is always a sense of satisfaction from the cool sandy beaches. Spain has a very long coastline, which extends to 5,000 miles, and the beaches of Spain watered three enormous basins: the Mediterranean Sea, the Bay of Biscay and the vast Atlantic Ocean. Spain has a number of mental beaches, but it should be noted a few.
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Playa De Las Catedrales: It is located in Galicia, very nice beach. A great attribute of this beach with the & # 39 is its unique shape, formed by erosion and rock formations. This Spanish beach – a clean beach with sand and around the Rocky Mountains. It is very peaceful environment and good for swimming in the sun, swimming, games and a variety of active outdoor activities.
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San Sebastian Playa San Sebastian is also one of the nice beaches, located in the northwestern part of Spain. It is also clear water. Tourists come and enjoy the beach strange script and remember it always. Here you can swim, swim and have fun.
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Beach Sitges: Sitges beaches have 17 beaches that are combined with the same high quality of pure water. They are located in Catalonia. Beaches Sitzhy consist of shiny crystal clear water, which encourages visitors to enjoy the delights of the beach. In bright sunny day, you can come to bathe or swim all day and get great pleasure from the beaches of Sitges.
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Beach tariffs: Located in Andalusia, the beach of Tarifa – the most beautiful beach and has all the picturesque beauty. Big waves around the beach attract the most visitors. Near the beach there are sun beds, umbrellas umbrella, funds for food and drink. Many people are surfing here as kite surfing, etc., and a lot of people like.
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Playa Del Silencio: Located in Asturias, supposedly peaceful beach of all. Quiet speaking waves that are blowing along the beach – it is a unique feature. You can come and swim in the waters of the beach, and then relax, lying on the bed resting under umbrella shades with your favorite glass of wine.
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Buses and taxis are constantly delivered to your favorite beach. No one should ever miss the chance to come to the most interesting beaches of Spain.
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Bitcoin steered the cryptocurrency market to a recovery phase of the phenomena from the lows recorded in the last week of August. Bitcoin’s graceful correction of over $ 10,700 resurrected investor hopes to see older cryptocurrencies above psychological level at $ 11,000. However, the hit on the BTC paused just under $ 10,800 and pulled in at $ 10,500. At press time, the price of Bitcoin is hovering at $ 10,550 after a subtle decline of 0.78% per day.
cryptocurrency live market
Although Bitcoin’s short-term trend paints a positive picture, a number of analysts with big follow-ups on Twitter are advising investors to proceed cautiously. For example, Johnny Moe says Bitcoin is down if it moves. The consolidation witnessed in the last two months suggests a potential massive drop to about $ 6,000.


Short Guide to Seoul


Seoul, or Seoul special city, with & # 39 is the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea. It is located in the Han River. Once Seoul was named the World Design Capital in 2010, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design. In the city a humid continental climate; Summer is usually hot and humid, while winters are often relatively cold.
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What you can do in Seoul:

Visit the palace.
Unhyeon palace – is used as an exhibition area traditional art performances, modern and creative dance. Restoring marriage of the King and Queen Kozhonga Mongsun – one of the main attractions of the palace. This happens twice a year.
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Changyeong palace – known as the most peaceful and relaxing of all the palaces in the city.

Changdeok Palace and Garden Biwon – Changdeok Palace represents a friendlier environment. In this palace, you can imagine the king, who is enjoying himself at the top of the tree. Bivon garden, known as the secret garden – a typical courtyard of the palace, where the royal relaxing place.
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Dax Palace – the most accessible palace because of its location in central Seoul.

Chonmo shrine – dedicated to the spirit of Korean ancestors Korea. They continue to perform the original procedure of bringing sacrificial gifts of food and beverages in the original ritual utensils. Royal descendants and participants costumed by rank, as well as ritual dance and music ensembles.
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Gyeongbok Palace – located in the main boulevard of Seoul, Sezhonra. Palace of the President House, Blue House.
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Explore the museums.
The National Palace Museum of Korea – exhibits the heritage of Joseph Dynasty and the Imperial family & # 39; and.
National Museum of Korea – audio or visual reference is recommended when visiting this museum is very vast, as there are a lot of relics. It has 6 galleries.
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War Museum – it has 6 exhibition halls that reflect the nearly 5,000-year history of foreign invasions. The park that surrounds the museum, showing the aircraft, tanks and other fighting vehicles from the Korean War to the present.
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Seoul Museum of Art – Museum of the road has no walls, so that visitors can enjoy the sculptures and the landscape outside. Century-old trees preserved together with sculptures and set pieces of art depicting the past and present forms of Seoul.

The story of King Sezhonga – dedicated to the achievements of King Sezhonga reflection.
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Other museums in the city – Agricultural Museum, embroidery, Hezhun Museum, a large memorial hall Sezhonga King, Heritage Museum of the Korean National Police leyum, Samsun Museum of Art, National Folk Museum, Natural History Museum Sedamuna, Seoul Museum of History and the Seoul Railway Museum.
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Enjoy the parks.
In Seoul also many parks. Enjoy the parks in the city: Chongzhy Park Yeouido Park Dosan, Yangtze Stream, Forest Marie, Civil forest Yangtze River Han Park, World Cup Park, Arbuterum Gangreng, Seoul Forest, Namsan Park, Seoul, children, etc. # 39; s Grand Park, Olympic Park, Seonyudo Park, Paris Park and Seokchon Lake Park.

Try night life in Seoul.
Visit these places and see how much fun the night in Seoul: Eondeungpo (Nightlife) cafe Bangbae-dong and eukute; Street, Sinchon-dong (Night Life), COEX Mall, Lotte World, Daehang-no (University Street), Jong-no (Night Life), Dongdaemon (Night Life), Jamsil (Night Life), Gangnam (Night Life), itaewon-dong (Nightlife), Hongdae (Hongik University area).

Go shopping.
In Seoul, many shopping centers. Shop until you drop!
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Seoul – the center of education, business and modern Korean culture. The city has plenty of activities for everyone, such as visits to museums and palaces, parks and mountains, as well as amusement parks and nightclubs. Much study and many fantastic things in Seoul, South Korea!


Tour of Rajasthan – explore and enjoy the country's Indian maharaja


Among all the Indian states of Rajasthan always been a preferred tourist destination. Several Indian and foreign tourists a year choose tours to Rajasthan for the year just because of cultural diversity. With this in mind, today tour operators are developing a variety of Rajasthan tour packages. These tours like Rajasthan tours inherited and adventure tours in Rajasthan, are becoming more popular, similar to the "Golden Triangle", with the main focus of which is & # 39 Rajasthan. All these travel packages on request focuses mainly on the traditions, customs and cuisine of Rajasthan.

Try colorful bazaars and festivals of Rajasthan in cities such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, Udaipur, Bikaner and Jaisalmer. Each of these places of Rajasthan – an important place in India and it is worth a visit during your trip to this country. They are – evidence of royal blood who once ruled Rajasthan. Thus, while you are on Rajasthan tour, visit the Lake Palace and Museum, which is present in Udaipur, antique and historical forts that are located in Jodhpur, and most importantly, pink architectural wonders that are present in Jaipur. With them learn sand dunes in Jaisalmer. Do not forget to make a trip on camels in Bikaner during tours of Rajasthan.

Most tourists to Rajasthan will also advise you to visit one of the main attractions of Jaipur Choki Dhani, which is a & # 39 is a copy of the ethnic villages of Rajasthan. Located on the border of the city of Jaipur, Choki Dani extends over more than 18 acres of land. This replicated village was forever linked with the culture of Rajasthan, as it reflects the rich heritage, in addition to the traditional life style of Rajasthan.

Tours of Rajasthan incomplete if you do not participate in the spectacular festival of Bikaner (the famous festival of camels) and Pushkar. Desert Festival and elephants, too, is to spend time on the tours to Rajasthan. All of them are known for their exciting activities such as tug of war, puppet dance shows, games, acrobatics, competition for pryvyazanni turban, racing camels and elephants. Various cultural events, such as the recitation of folk poems, traditional dance and dramatic performances and processions of camels – the main festivals of the state, which demonstrate Rajasthan in its true colors.

Do not forget, before you finish the trip to Rajasthan, a dip in the Pushkar Lake and visit the Brahma temple.


Biyalyuminestsentny Bay Puerto Rico – mandatory inspection for any tourist in Puerto Rico


Travel Biyalyuminestsentnay bay – one of the most amazing things that can be done in Puerto Rico because it is such a rare ecosystem.

there are plenty of tourist attractions on the island and training, but I think that the tour in the "bio-bay" as they are sometimes called – is unique to the island and the environment, you will not find anywhere else.

For this reason, the study biyalyuminestsentnay bay consistently rated as one of the top tourist attractions on the websites travel reviews. To help you know a little bit about why this is quite unique, let the first highlight some of the science.

Biyalyuminestsentsyya found in many species – think about the usual fireflies. It is also found in aquatic animals such as squid and cuttlefish. Biyalyuminestsentny bay with 39 & # is an ideal habitat for the prosperity microscopic plankton dynaflagelata, most of which emits blue light as a defense mechanism when excited. These habitats can occur in different places at different times of the year, but very few places with a & # 39 are ideal habitats year round. Biyalyuminestsentnyya bay in Puerto Rico – these places.

From Wikipedia.org

Ecosystems biyalyuminestsentnyh dynaflagelyatav with & # 39 is one of the rarest and most fragile, the most famous – Biyalyuminestsentny Bay La Pargery, Layase, Puerto Rico, and Mosquito Bay in B & # 39; eke, Puerto Rico and Las Kabes- de San Juan Razer, natural Fajardo, Puerto Rico. . Near the bay of Jamaica Bay is Biyalyuminestsentnay lagoon.

So visit the island and do not visit the "Bio-Bay" – it's like to go to Rome and miss the Colosseum. It is an experience that you can use while you are at your destination

The best way to enjoy this unique experience – evening tour by canoe. The main bio-bay on the island called Laguna Grande, reachable from Fajardo, made their way along a narrow ditch mangrovay river. Typically, two rounds are held, and if later offered a darker atmosphere, where you can see biyalyuminestsentny plankton earlier tour provides enough light to see mangrovyya trees and enjoy the last light of sunset. Please note that swimming is not allowed to keep the delicate chemical balance of the bay.

Although this phenomenon is difficult to photograph and shoot video there is one, which is pretty accurate experience. It covers the more popular tour by canoe from Fajardo to Laguna Grande, and you can watch it here: Fajardo Bio Bay Videos. (Less than five minutes)

If you are planning to go to Puerto Rico, participated in the bio-bay – this is a rare chance to observe this fragile ecosystem and an unforgettable and rare experience.


6 of the best beaches in Turkey, you will never miss to visit


Solar Turkey with & # 39 is home to a large number of amazing beaches. To spend a wonderful vacation, you do not necessarily need to communicate with the hyper-popular and so too crowded resorts. Instead, you can choose Turkish beaches that have long attracted visitors. Let's look beyond the overly tourist beaches of Marmaris and Kusadasi, and reveal the other main points of the Turkish holiday for bathing, swimming or surfing.


Pantar is in the Xanthos valley. It has fine white sand with a total length of 15 km. This makes it one of the longest beaches in the Mediterranean. entrance area is full of good, but if you walk past the sand dunes in the north-west, you will enjoy greater solitude. During the summer season there are good waves for surfing, but spring and autumn are ideal for swimmers.

butterfly Valley

This spectacular area that borders with two high rocks, hides the pristine sand bar, which can be reached by boat from Oludeniz. It's a wild place for trekking and leisure, untouched by modern developments. If you stay in Faralya, you can look at the spectacular rock.


Kabak – the name of the village, which is located on the Lycian way. Tourists like its cozy wooden houses and the general peacefulness of this place. The valley has a magnificent pine forest, has fragments of mountain terrain, and the beach is filled with pebbles rather than sand. Thus the landscape is very different from Turkey's usual sandy beaches and, of course, enchanting. The only negative – a large number of mosquito populations.


Situated in Dalian, this is probably the best beach to attract children. This is quite sunny place, where large crowds of people. In addition, it is a place where turtles nest. On this sandy beach you often see traces of turtles, as these animals come ashore to lay their eggs. Behind the beach there is a swampy area, where abundant wildlife lives.


often photographed beach in Oludeniz – a long sandy belt, which leads to the beautiful blue lagoon. Besides the natural beauty of the area, the beach is well known for its diverse and affordable accommodation in the area. Fans paraplavannya believe Oludeniz best place to study. They are enthusiastic about the aircraft types.


Known tourist name, Bodrum – on the shores of turquoise, as it is called. In the south of the peninsula in the Aegean Sea home to numerous resorts with beautiful beaches, all bordering the bright blue sea waters. In addition, Bodrum – is ancient history, beautiful views of the mountains and the Mediterranean flora. This is the preferred item for wealthy visitors and thus, one of the luxurious areas on the tourist map of Turkey.


Travel agents and tour operators


In the Ladakh region, which is a & # 39 is a tourist center, visited by more than 18,000 domestic and foreign tourists. The region has found a lot of tour operators and travel agents. Some of them work in the private sector, and some work at the government level. All of them provide excellent excursion packages, hotel accommodation, sightseeing packages in accordance with the budget travelers. Available packages and the average price or vysokaabaronenyya packages with a personal guide and route, they are all available tour operators.

The main center for tourists in Leh with the & # 39 is a tourist office and a reception center Le tourists about two miles south of the city center. Then there are travel agents, such as Overland Escape (experts in adventure and cultural tours, wildlife viewing and tourism, which is based in the community), an expedition to Kailash (for campaigns specialists in Indian Himalayas, mountain bikes, winter hiking, tribal tours in remote areas, camel safari on the Silk Road, holistic treatments, meditation, Buddhist tours, hotel reservations and conferences).

Other tour operators specializing in trips and other adventure sports such as river rafting tours, canoe kayak, safari, safaris, cultural tours, mountain biking, cycling tours and tours with special interests include traveling Ladakh, active adventure India, North India tour packages, trip to the Himalayas, visit the Himalayas.

Some of the tour operators and travel agents and tour guides from other parts of India, which also offer Ladakh Tour Packages – the Council for the promotion of tourism in India operators (providing information on the leading travel agents, agents on hotels and service providers of car rental, which helps in the development and promotion trips. tourism and India), India holiday packages, India travel tours to India and travel etc.

Travel agents and tour operators have become an important step in the development of tourism in Ladakh as a hot point. As soon as the government opened tourist area, these entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to combine the twin advantages of tourism development in trouble. One: revenue generation for agents, the second – the development of this remote region. A variety of packages that offer travel agents, many surprises. Tourists offer a variety of options: from hiking tours, visits to monasteries, adventure tourism, rafting on Belovode, mountaineering, winter sports, such as skiing, tours of climbing to flight, elegant and chic hotels and hotel reservations, book railway, cultural, heritage and educational tours.


Trip down the historic San Juan River in Nicaragua: Part One: San Carlos El crutches


Deep in the most remote parts of Central America, the largest tropical freshwater lake in America, Lake Kasibolka, who also is Lake Nicaragua, you will find a river that even today, in the XXI century, with the & # 39 is one of the most inaccessible areas of the western hemispheres & # 39; i. . The river, known as the San Juan River, the length of 120 km (200 km) and is born in the south-east of this huge lake. Here you will find the city of San Carlos, the capital of the remote department of Rio San Juan, which functions as a distribution center for all the cells that are located along the river. Roads end in San Carlos, and from that outpost only way to travel along the river by boat. A busy marina – this is the point where the fly and sent to the different boats that travel along the San Juan. San Carlos – last chance in this part of Nicaragua, get the money from your credit or debit card. The town has several banks, and they both have an ATM, so make sure you get some money, and if possible, get a small account as soon as you get into the more remote places in the San Juan River, you will not be able to get cash or get change from large bills.

The main communities along the river with a & # 39 are Boca de Sabalas El crutches and the delta of the rivers, the San Juan de Nicaragua, and San Juan del Norte and Greytaun.

Travel from San Carlos to San Juan de Nicaragua can be a day trip in the unique long boat, which can accommodate up to 60 passengers and a full 12-hour journey. The best way to do this trip – to break it in two trips: one day from San Carlos to El Castillo and the second day of the El crutches in San Juan de Nicaragua. Before heading out to this unique and memorable trip, make sure you come to the schedule when running fast boat.

Let me explain myself: there are two different types of boats; fast boat and a slow or an ordinary boat. The first takes half the time it takes a conventional boat, and will make a difference in how enjoyable your trip will be. Fast boat runs daily between San Carlos and El Castillo, and usually have 2 daily trips, the latter is sent to the 3.30 days. The trip takes about one and a half hours, and there is a short stop on the way to Boca de Sabalos, which is about 2/3 of the way along the route. It will be interesting, that as soon as you go, mate sends a list in which asked to write down their name, nationality, certificate number and date of birth. It is in fact manifest that they really will transmit to the authorities. For each stop there is a new official passenger manifest to be filled! More "tourist" area of ​​the river begins in Boca de Sabalas. This is an area which is famous for tarpon fishing in, and you will pass along a few houses and taverns that specialize in fishing packages, such as Hotel Sabalos, Sabalos Lodge and Montecristo Lodge. Your boat may even stop there on the way, if these houses will be some guests.

If you arrive in El Kastylo, where you will disembark and spend the night, you will see a castle on a hilltop. This is a historic site where Nicaragua held a few fights to protect its sovereignty. The town actually grew up around the castle and a & # 39 is truly unique community: the only way you can reach it by boat, for him there are no roads and highways leading to it. In the city there is no cars, no motorbikes, so it's really a city for pedestrians. The community is spread along the banks of the river, and most hotels and restaurants are also located directly on the river. There are several different hotels where you can stay here; the best of the & # 39 are the Victoria Hotel and the Hotel Luna del Rio. You should plan to spend at least one day in El Kastylo, and this will mean that you need to plan for two nights, especially if you arrive on a late boat from San Carlos. The city has several different restaurants and you will find that the profession of river shrimp, huge, tasty shrimp, you should definitely try. Be sure to visit the castle and museum, which is located there. You will be surprised when they find that Cornelius Vanderbilt had a shipping company that moved by steam ships up the river and across the lake to the village called La Virgen, located not far from the road from the Pan-American Highway to San Juan del Sur.


Famous Monuments of India


Taj Mahal – Agra, Uttar Pradesh

None of the monument in the world can not dare stand in comparison with the Taj Mahal in Agra. The monument in white marble was built by Emperor Shah Jahan's grave in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz. Recently named one of the seven wonders of the world, a masterpiece – a sample of the Mughal architectural style. A glimpse of the Taj Mahal on a full moon night offers viewers a romantic mood.

Gateway of India – Mumbai, Maharashtra

Built in a combination of Hindu and Muslim architectural style, the Gateway is a basalt arch, about 26 meters high. Its central dome 15 meters in diameter and 26 meters above the ground. It is located on the waterfront in the area of ​​Apollo Boundary in South Mumbai and well studied by amateurs cruises, fishermen and guides.

Minar Qutub – New Delhi

By measuring the height of 72.5 m, Qutub Minar – the tallest brick minaret in the world. Its construction began in 1193 under the regime of Qutub-ud-din-Aibak and was completed in 1386 by Firuz Shah Tuglyukom. Minar – a fine example of indaislamskaga architectural style, and a few years ago, UNESCO has declared a World Heritage Site.

Hawa Mahal – Jaipur, Rajasthan

Hawa Mahal, which means Palace of the Winds, shows the architecture of Rajasthan in the best case. It was built by Maharaja Sawai Singh to heat in 1799. He has five stories and its design Mahal reflects a strong influence of the Mughal architecture. The palace complex of 953 small windows that overlook the street, and openings penetrating the cool breeze, thus giving its name.

Cellular Jail – Port Blair, Andaman Islands and Nikabarskiya

Also known as Kala Pani, Cellular Jail – a significant tourist attraction on the island of Andaman and Nicabar. History says that it was a prison for many remarkable Indian activities during the freedom struggle of India. Its construction was begun in 1896 and completed in 1906. The historic building of the wings 7 and 98 cells.

Vijay court – Bangalore, Karnataka

Impressive Vidhi-Court – one of the main attractions of Bangalore. In the style of the architectural style it was built in 1950. Extraordinary Observer notes easily used neadravidyyski indasaratsynski and style. Also shimmering zharoha the monument reflects the style of Rajasthan. The building covers an area of ​​700 by 350 feet and a & # 39; is the largest legislative building in India.


A real journey through the Northern Thailand – 10 Tips


At a time when so many places in Northern Thailand has been commercialized by tourism, as you can see the real side of the country? Well, there is still room for this kind of experience, a little bit of time and research that will help you get out of the tourist trail. Here are some tips:

1. As a general rule, the further you move away from the developed areas, the greater the chance of finding a natural and real areas that remain loyal to the Thai culture and lifestyle.

2. To get to these places, do not need a lot of time, an hour outside of Chiang Mai, you can be in remote rural areas. There are regular public buses to Ma Hong Son and Chiang Rai, if public transport is not for you, then I would advise to hire a car and guide

3. Surprisingly hire a driver with a car is not much more expensive than self-control. In addition to this guide, you can take on the job about a day 800bat

4. While hiring a guide is worth a little more, their contribution to the real experience can be invaluable

5. Without guide your trip is likely to be only observatory, missing a lot of valuable information and cultural understanding. The guide is not only a translator, but also with the & # 39 is a valuable source of information and education. A good guide will be able to offer views and information beyond what you can read in the book padarozhnitskay

6. Thailand is famous for its friendly gentle hospitality. A friendly meeting with a local may turn into an invitation to his home, and there you will get a true impression directly in front of you

7. Go to the small track running along the main road called "Sois", look closely and you will find intimate aspects of local life

8. Living at home is also a great way to get acquainted with how the locals live. Now dress offer family home with family & # 39; it in Thailand or in the village hills of the tribe. This accommodation option is often cheaper than staying in a standard hotel, but offers a much richer experience

9. Visit local markets that are perfectly familiar with regional cuisine and products. Thais love their markets, at least a handful can be found in every city

10. The general reason why people are hesitant on, is that they are not allowed enough time, so the time factor in the road with a & # 39; to go astray. The amount of time will bring you a quality experience